Kerrin Bain Coaching

Below the Surface

It is liquid calm, silvery grey darkening towards the horizon. The sea has exhausted itself with only gentle waves breaking close to the shoreline. The moon is halved and owning its patch of blue sky in amongst the clouds while on the opposite side the sun burns through the thick clouds melting their fluffy whiteness into a golden glow and showering the sea below with rose gold glitter. I notice a dark shape just beyond the last line of waves but its gone so quickly before I can grab my binoculars. I haven’t seen the whales in a few days but I know they are there. I have always been drawn to the ocean, to its vast unknown, a whole world existing just below the surface. It’s a world that we don’t see, it’s invisible to us, mysterious and sometimes dark and scary. In this way we are a lot like the ocean, our inner selves are invisible to others and often invisible to ourselves. Our feelings, our worries, our fears, our truth, our pain all lie deep inside us. Just like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean, so too do we allow an upswell of emotions to break the surface now and again. But for the most part we keep all of that below the surface, buried deep within our heart, in our muscles and in our organs. The neural highways connecting and holding our body together is the fascia tissue that allows the neurons to race around like F1 cars through our circuits sending messages from our body to our brain and vice versa. These neurons carry our emotions, our inner sense, all invisible but constant. It is how we have come to expect it all to be as it has been this way all along for us. But what if we could sink down below the surface, rest there for a bit, feel into the unknown spaces on a journey of discovery. Sense into the tightness, breathe into the pain, explore the sensations, go deeper.  What could we find in ourselves that we didn’t know before, what may we learn. Just like the ocean, we are vast, mysterious and incredible. 

Slow down, the world will wait for you, life will go on. What can you learn about the mystery of your self if you spare just a few moments to explore below the surface. We live life outside of ourselves and our bodies become a means to an end but what if we took more of ourselves into the outside world and showed some kindness to our inner selves, our true self. Life is a mystery, we don’t really know what is around the corner and so much is beyond our control and our understanding. But we are here and we can expand our understanding of our self, who better to do it than you. Go on a voyage of discovery and find out what your body is telling you, your inner knowing, your intuition, what wise words does it whisper. There is a world so incredible below the surface just waiting to be seen, to be loved, to be understood and to share it’s wisdom. 

Start with just a few minutes a day, consistency and practise together with kindness will pave the way to something new.

Connect, slow down, breathe and be courageous – what is your body whispering to you?