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Forgive yourself

We live in the stream of life, dodging and avoiding the rocks that fall in our path. Landing perfectly sometimes while other times falling flat, tripping and stumbling not able to find a clear path. But still we get up and carry on, often criticising ourselves for not getting it right the first time, for not making the ‘perfect’ decision or for wishing we had done things differently. We can be hard on ourselves in a way we would never be with another human being. Somehow, we find it acceptable to be so incredibly harsh with ourselves. We waste precious energy and even worse, we waste precious time. Some things we just can’t let go … in our self talk we weave a well-worn path of self loathing, we beat ourselves with the same stick over and over again. To what end is this self criticism? 

Ask yourself, how does this self criticism serve me? 

Is it possible that this story is keeping me a prisoner and preventing me from moving forward? 

Is there a chance you can shift this story and what is the smallest change that is possible? 

Maybe, just maybe … slow and steady you can start to forgive yourself and embrace a new version of your story.