Kerrin Bain Coaching

My Dog, My Teacher

The sky is a perfect blue dome above us and the sun is hanging just above the horizon highlighting the crystal blue waves as they peak and crash towards us on the beach. Roxy is running like a dog possessed by the scent of the beach, weaving up towards the dunes and back down to the water. Her footprints making her own unique scribble in the sand. She is lost in the scent of the redbait that is scattered along the beach from the storm the day before, suddenly she looks up to check where I am and comes sprinting back along the beach. This is my favourite moment, I open my arms wide and she runs to me with the biggest smile on her face and her tongue hanging out to the side, this is her happy place. She radiates joy and curiosity, she is pure unconditional love and she shines that to me everyday. I read a quote recently by Milan Kundera that says ‘Dogs are our link to paradise’ and today I understand this completely as I watch Roxy on the beach. Curiosity is an emotional state that comes naturally to animals and children but as we age we close off this abilty and become set in our ways. Being curious is accepting uncertainty and this is not easy for us humans, it is about having an open heart and mind and leaning into what is right here, right now. Of all the emotions, curiosity is my favourite.

What is uncertain in your life and how could you become more curious about the journey and the possible outcome?

What does curiosity mean for you?

What could you do for yourself that enables you to bring more curiosity into your daily life?